2014 Sticky Lips

This painting has very deep texture to the point that the canvas frame wouldn't support any more texture and a Golden paint technician recommended I switch over to sign board. I started off this painting with boyish lips in mind, but it quickly morphed into full shaped girly lips. The tecture reminds me of sticky lip gloss and that's how I came up with the title. This painting was also left unfinished for many years and the art show was a good excuse to finish it. I was very much inspired by Kate whose painting hung above mine. She did a lot of painting while she was recovering from painful double knee surgery. I told myself "just push yourself to finish it!" I am so glad I did! My reward was a nice picture with Kate!

2012 Island Night

This was a painting I started from the memory of a lovely time I had visiting my friend Jean on her private island in Canada. There are 2 pictures that you can look at on the left. One is the way the painting looked before I painted in the trees and the other is the finished painting. I was so afraid that I would "go too far" with painting the trees, which I think I wound up doing depite myself, but it was something I just felt I had to try and finding the correct balance of light and dark was such a struggle for me. The only light that night was the light of the moon and the trees were so deep and dark. I thought I could always go back in and add more light after I painted the trees, although that would probably be very difficult in terms of matching color. It is something I still contemplate and may have to "revisit" in the future. It is difficult to throw caution to the wind after investing many hours in a painting, but I dream of it still! The painting instructor thought that the tree trunks on the left were too straight not naturally organic and I could see his point.

2015 Serapias Neglecta

I had started painting this and then lost my motivation in terms of questioning my color choices, yet I was not concerned with being realistic. I took a hard saved lump of cash and spent it on a painting class in the fall of 2012 in the hopes I would get re-inspired, but the instructor told me he thought this painting was really bad (beyond hope???) and that I should start something new and different, which was 'Odontoglossum La Ponterrin I' that I entered into in a previous community art show. However, this sad unfinished painting kept crying out for attention, so I took pity on it and used a recent art show deadline as a motivation factor. I am very happy with how it turned out. Moral of my story is never give up on your own vision! When you do your own thing it feels good, because you love to do it!

Finishing Unfinished Paintings: A lesson in Self-Acceptance.

2012 Odontoglossum

         La Ponterrin I

This was a new painting (not an unfinished one like all the other ones on this page) with zoomed in detail on an orchid flower called Odontoglossum La Ponterrin. The idea was to do more than one panel and show them as a group, but it took me a such a long time to finish this painting that I never wound up making any additional panels, at least not yet!

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